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Christian Freebies

The definition of who is a Christian Freebies varies among different Christian Freebies groups. Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and many Protestants define a Christian Freebies as one who has become a member of the Church through the sacrament of baptism. In these churches, infants who are baptized may be considered Christian Freebies, although they are expected to make a personal affirmation of faith when old enough to decide for themselves.

Evangelical and fundamentalist denominations do not practice infant baptism and do not believe that baptism is connected with salvation (a sacrament) Christian Freebies. Rather, they consider it to be a public voluntary act of identifying oneself with Christian Freebies. They encourage youth and adults to "become Christians" by personally "accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior," and to follow that decision with Believer's Baptism Christian Freebies. These groups also use the phrase "born-again" (John 3:3) to describe becoming a Christian Freebies.

A few denominations and sects teach that Believer's baptism is necessary for salvation — the transition from non-Christian to Christian Freebies (see Baptismal regeneration). They define a Christian Freebies as one who has been baptized as a repenting adult Christian Freebies.

Within countries where Christian Freebies is the historical majority religion, the term is also used by some in a casual generic sense to indicate that they are not members of nor affiliated with any other religion – therefore considering themselves Christian Freebies by default.